Consolidation Product Update



This product update enhances the consolidation engine by executing integrated calculation logic in real time when calculations are triggered either manually or dynamically. This enhances the efficiency of the calculations and makes product updates more seamless and consistent. 

The following sections provide some detail on changes you will see within your application. 

Control of Procedures run during the Run All

You now have control of which procedures will run when performing the Run All Calculation.

A new form called “Run All Procedures” is available under the Fluence\Consolidation\Maintenance folder. Within this form you can select which calculations to include or exclude when performing the Run All.

Note: We recommend reviewing the list of calculations. Copy Opening is recommended to not be included in the list of procedures to run during the Run All.


Run Tasks now called Run Calculations

The Run Tasks form has been renamed to Run Calculations. This can be located in the Fluence\Consolidation\Maintenance folder. Some enhancements have been made to this form:


Track Data Changes

You can now track data changes when running a calculation within Fluence. This will allow you to view what data was changed when the calculation was run.

Copy Journal Entry Validations

The Copy Journal Entry process has been enhanced to provide additional controls around copying journal entries that have already been copied for the scenario and date selected.

  • If the Journal Entry has already been copied but is not posted, a warning message will be provided and the user must select TRUE to Force Copy the journal in order to overwrite the one that currently exists.
  • If the Journal Entry has already been copied and is posted, a warning message will be provided and the user must unpost the Journal Entry prior to re-running the Journal Entry copy process.


Process Status Report

A Process Status Report is now available in the Fluence\Consolidation\Maintenance folder. This allows you to view a history of the Calculations run in your Fluence system.

Within the Run Calculations form, if calculations were run with tracking on, the Process Status report allows viewing a trace log of data changes that occurred during the calculation