2405.2 - Fluence Release Notes - Summary (July 4, 2024)

Version 2405.2
Target Date July 4, 2024
Update Type Hotfix Release

This hotfix includes the following:


  •  Intermittently, data submitted through a FluenceXL writeback report is not submitted. This issue occurs when the same cell is submitted to several times in a row.


  • The Foreign Exchange Rates Override input form did not work in systems where the Entity dimension was renamed.

Action Required

Service Interruption None. System availability will not be affected by this update.

2405.1 - Fluence Release Notes - Summary (June 23, 2024)

Version 2405.1

Target Date

June 23, 2024

Update Type

Major Release


The 2405.1 Fluence release will contain several new features and bug fixes. Details will be provided in a Release Notes document at the time of the release.

Service Interruption

None. System availability will not be affected by this update.

Release Highlights* 


  • Ability to easily export and import alternate hierarchies via hierarchy import files using the Hierarchy Manager
  • Ability to add FluenceXL reports to Report Books for distribution through Report Book workflow tasks
  • The Fluence Account caption has been added to the View Source Details for Data Imports as well as the Drillthrough within FluenceXL reports
  • Added a new Automated Hierarchy Sync workflow task which automates the synchronization of hierarchies
  • Added options in the Model Export workflow task to:
    • export Models and Model Views in compressed or uncompressed format
    • overwrite the existing filename or use a unique timestamp


  • Ability to export and import Consolidation rules
  • New date filter on Ownership and Direct Percentage web editors
  • Ability to use tags in Multidimensional Calculation rules
  • Override rate support for parent movement members
  • Updated out of box workflows to enable trace logging for calculations

* This is a preview of the planned content expected to be available in targeted release shown. Fluence reserves the right to adjust the content and/or timing of the release based on feature readiness, quality, or other business events. Customers should not base any purchase decisions or any other decision on the inclusion or timing of a particular functionality described in this summary. 

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