Managing Dimensions

Dimension Maintenance

Each data model is composed of a combination of dimensions. This section will describe how to perform dimension maintenance.

Adding Dimensions

To add a new dimension:

  1. In the Models module from the Navigation pane, select the Dimensions icon and click the Add icon.
  2. The Add Dimension window will be displayed:
  3. Enter the following:



Dimension name


The dimension name must be:

  • a unique name
  • contain only letters, numbers, underscores, and spaces (other special characters are not allowed)
  • a maximum of 32 characters


Underscores and spaces are treated equivalently. For example:
[Cost_Center] and [Cost Center] are not considered unique.


Underscores are used as separators between Dimensions and Hierarchy names. For example, if you have a dimension [Cost] with a hierarchy [Centre], you will not be able to create a new dimension called [Cost_Center].


Select from the type of dimension to add from the drop-down list.

Valid values:

  • Other
  • Measure
  • Account
  • Time
  • Entity
  • Currency
  • Movement
  • DataView
  • Audit
  • Scenario
  • Intercompany
  • Group

Specific attributes are associated with each dimension type.

Max Depth

Number of levels not to be exceeded. The maximum limit for this field is 15. The default limit if this field is not set is 15.


Languages to support for the member captions.

Translated captions must be supplied.

Non-leaf Data Members

Select the Non-leaf Data Members checkbox if you wish to store data in non-leaf data members (parent members) for this dimension.


Use this option with caution. When data is retrieved from Non-leaf Data Members, the value retrieved is the sum of the leaf members plus the Non-leaf member.


Adds a property (attribute) to the dimension.

To add a property (attribute) to the dimension:

  1. Click on the Add icon.
  2. Enter a new property name.
  3. Select the data type for the property – default is string. Valid values: string, float, int, date, bool
  4. The Reporting checkbox will be used to indicate that this property will be included for reporting purposes in Microsoft Analysis Services tabular models. Not currently in use.
  1. Click the Save button to add the property or, click the Cancel button or X to cancel.
  2. To commit the changes, click the Process icon.

Deleting Dimensions

To delete a dimension:

  1. In the Models module in the navigation pane, select the Dimensions icon.
  2. Select the dimension you wish to delete from the list of available dimensions.
  3. The Edit Dimension window will appear.
  4. Select the Delete button to delete the dimension.