Getting Started with Workflow

About Workflow Processes

A workflow process is a series of tasks connected by arrows. Workflow processes are one of the primary methods that end-users use to interact with the Fluence application. 


Workflow is typically monitored from the homepage. Clicking a workflow name from the Workflow Status section on the homepage takes you to the list of workflow tasks for that workflow. Clicking an actual workflow status takes you to the list of workflow tasks with that status.


Workflow processes may include interactive tasks that a user must complete (for example, to do tasks and input tasks), or non-interactive tasks (for example, run calculation). 

Interactive Tasks

Interactive tasks require user input and manual completion. Interactive tasks are assigned to one or more contributors who are responsible for completing the task. Interactive tasks must have one or more supervisors assigned, who are responsible for ensuring the task is complete. Tasks can optionally have an owner who can also indicate a task has been completed. 

A user can see a list of interactive tasks that have been assigned in the Workflow Task List module. 


Non-Interactive Tasks

Non-Interactive tasks automatically start and complete without user intervention once they have been started. Examples include tasks that automatically export data to a file or simply log messages, as workflow tasks are completed.