Configuring Manual Data Imports

Creating a File Import Workflow Process

The configured File Import can only be executed from a Workflow task. For more information on configuring Workflow, see the Workflow guide.

When the File Import task is executed by a user, it will import an excel or csv file into the staging table and then optionally load it into the data model.

To configure a Workflow Process with a File Import task:

  1. Create a new Process in Explorer.
  2. In the Workflow Editor, open the Workflow toolbox and drag the File Import task into the workspace.



  1. Configure the File Import task by right-clicking on the task and selecting Edit from the context menu.


  1. Fill in the following details. Refer to the Workflow Administration guide for additional information.




Specify a meaningful name for the task. This name will be visible on the Workflow Task List that Contributors, Supervisors, and Owners will see. For example, if this Workflow is a process around the monthly Trial Balance data load, name the task “Trial Balance upload”.


Specify an Owner for the task. Use the drop list provided to mitigate typing errors.


Specify one or more Supervisors for the task. Use the drop list provided to mitigate typing errors.


Specify one or more Contributors for the task. This is the user or users who will perform the file import. Use the drop list provided to mitigate typing errors.

Import Definition

Select the Data Import Definition from the drop list.

Transform and Load
to Data Model

This checkbox indicates that the data should be loaded from the Staging Table to the Data Model. If left unchecked, the data will only load into the Staging Table.

Due Date

The Due Date parameter can be set relative to the process, a task or a date. Select one of the following:

●        No Due Date

●        From activity start time

●        From activity start time (business days only)

●        From process start time

●        From process start time (business days only)

●        Before process end time

●        Before process end time (business days only)

●        Absolute date

Advance Rule

Specifies how to advance to this task. 

Defaults to When any predecessor completes.