Fluence Product Release Tracks

Fluence offers the ability for customers to remain on a prior production software release for up to three months based on the product release schedule.  This is called the Deferred Release Track. The purpose of this program is to support customers who prefer delayed adoption of new enhancements and features. Customers must actively elect this option, otherwise they will be upgraded to the latest version according to our planned quarterly release schedule. There is no cost to participate in the Deferred Release Track. A description and important notes about the available tracks can be found below:

Track  Description
Current Release Track

Your production environment follows the Fluence Release Schedule and receives updates based on this schedule.

  • Major releases are released on a quarterly cycle. 
  • Minor updates and hotfixes to the current release are deployed as needed.
  • This is the default track.
Deferred Release Track

Your production environment is one version behind the Current Release track.

  • Your environment will be upgraded approximately 3 months after the Current Release Track.
  • The environment can remain one version behind the Current Release up until the next scheduled Major Release is available, at which point they will be upgraded to the next Deferred release. There are no exceptions to the timing or number of versions available.
  • Minor updates and hotfixes for critical items will be deployed to the deferred release version as needed.
  • You must elect to choose the Deferred Track through Fluence customer support or your Fluence account representative.

Note: When selecting which track to choose, the decision should be based on whether or not your company prefers to delay the adoption of new enhancements and features or receive features as soon as they are generally available. The Release Track program is not designed and does not support switching tracks on a release-by-release cadence based on the current release's feature content.

In addition, Fluence customers have the option to purchase a non-production tenant environment.  A non-production tenant is a snapshot copy of your production system.  It is intended for use as a training sandbox, for content development and testing a clone of your production tenant on the Current Release Track.

To opt into the Deferred Release Track, please contact  Fluence Customer Support and make your election. For information and pricing on non-production tenant environments, contact your Fluence Account Representative or Fluence Customer Support



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