Fluence Add-in Installation Guide

This guide provides information for the installation of the Fluence Add-in and what is required prior to installation.   If any issues are encountered with the Fluence Add-in, please refer to the Fluence Add-in Troubleshooting Guide.

System Requirements

The following System Requirements are general recommendations.  




Microsoft Windows Operating System (O/S)

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Windows 11

Windows 10

Microsoft Office

Office 365 (64-bit), Desktop Client

Office 2021


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge



16 GB* (32G for Power Users)



2+ Cores*

See recommended requirements

* Recommendations for CPU and memory are provided as high-level guidance only. Actual performance may be affected by other applications running on the operating system and network limitations such as bandwidth and speed.


Prior to installing the Fluence Add-In please make sure that;


To modify Trusted Sites, please refer to the Fluence Add-in Troubleshooting Guide.

  • Make sure that all Excel windows and workbooks are closed 
  • Use Microsoft Edge to perform the Fluence Add-In Install
    • Post install Fluence can be used with either Chrome or Edge
  • Invitation Email from Fluence providing your Fluence ID and temporary Password and install link

Sample from the Invitation Email

Hello, you have been invited to join Fluence.
You can login to your tenant using new-user@fluence.app as the id. You will be asked to change your password on the first login and to provide some additional details to help reset the password in case you forget it (you can choose between having an app installed on your phone, getting an email or getting a SMS with a verification code).
Your password is: selfishToothbrush_56

Uninstall Fluence Add-in (if previously installed)

  • To uninstall the Fluence Add-In do the following;
    • Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar
    • then click on Add or Remove Programs
    • Search for Fluence
    • Select Uninstall and follow any steps to complete the uninstall


Installing the Fluence Add-In

1. From your invitation email select and copy the URL for the Add-in

(right mouse click on the URL and Copy)

Sample from the Invitation Email 

Add-in (prod - version) - Install using Microsoft Edge


Alternate URL for the Production version of the Fluence Add-in


* Note that the Fluence Add-In is a Microsoft Click-Once based install and may result in errors if Chrome is used instead of Microsoft Edge

2. Paste the URL into the Microsoft Edge address bar then press Enter to initiate the install


3. Run the Fluence Add-In install by selecting the 'Open' button


4. Click on Close


5 Select the 'Install' button


6. Fluence Add-in will install


7. Install will complete


8. The installation is now completed. 

Running the Fluence Add-in and Connecting

Open Excel, there should be a 'Fluence Prod' menu item added to the menu bar.


If the Fluence Add-In does not appear in the Excel menu bar please refer to the Fluence Add-in Troubleshooting Guide on how to enable Macros in Excel

Connecting to Fluence for the first time

Connecting to Fluence for the first time requires your new fluence.app ID and temporary password.

1. Select the Fluence Add-in menu item and you should see the Connect ribbon

2. Select the 'Connect' icon


3. Pick an account - select 'Use another account'


4. Enter your new fluence.app ID from the Invitation email referenced in Prerequisites


5. Select the Next button after entering your new fluence.app ID


6. Enter your temporary password from the Invitation email


7. You must change your temporary password upon initial sign-in.  Enter your temporary password and then a new password and confirm.


8. More Information Required dialog is used to setup a multifactor authentication method which is required if you ever need to reset your password.   Select the 'Next' button



9. Select your fluence.app ID (be sure not to select your work ID)


10,Select 'Next' to setup an Authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.  To setup Email or Text select 'I want to set up a different method'


Recommend selecting 'I want to set up a different method' to use email or text.

Selecting 'Skip setup' will disable self resetting of your password.

11.Choose a method in the drop-down list, choose either Phone or Email and then select the 'Confirm' button


12 Select your region from the drop-down list and enter your telephone number and select the 'Next' button.  Selecting the Email method requires you to enter a valid email address, your work email address is recommended.


13 Verify the code received by Phone (Text) or by Email and select 'Next'


14 Multifactor authentication method is verified, select 'Next' and then 'Done'


15. Fluence Add-in Ribbon menu should show connected and will have a Sign Out option


If you have access to more than one tenant, you will be prompted to select a tenant.



If any issues are encountered with the Fluence Add-in, please refer to the Fluence Add-in Troubleshooting Guide.

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