Fluence Add-In Troubleshooting Guide

For instructions on how to install the Fluence Add-in please refer to the Fluence Add-in Installation Guide.

Excel options and Trust Center settings can interfere with the operation of the Fluence Add-ins (or other installed Add-ins).  Verify the following Excel Options and Excel Trust Center options.

Excel Add-ins

To verify that the Fluence Add-in is installed and Enabled, review the Add-ins under Options in Excel.

In Excel, select 'File' menu and 'Options'.  In the Options dialog, select 'Add-ins'

Fluence and other installed Add-ins should appear in the list.  


Disabled Excel Add-ins

Excel may disable the Fluence Add-in on rare occasions. This may occur if Excel shuts down unexpectedly. To re-enable the Fluence Add-In:

In Excel, select 'File' menu and 'Options'.  In the Options dialog, select 'Add-ins'

Select 'Disabled Items' from the Manage drop-down list, then click on the 'Go' button.


Select the Fluence Add-In from the 'Disabled Items' dialog and click 'Enable' to re-enable it, then click 'Close'

Excel COM Add-ins

If the Fluence Add-in is no longer showing, or had been disabled, verify that it is enabled in 'COM Addins' At the bottom of the dialog, select the 'Manage' dropdown list and select 'COM Add-ins' from the list and select the 'Go' button


Ensure that the Fluence Add-in is checked.


Excel - Trust Center

In Excel, select 'File' menu and 'Options'.  In the Options dialog, select 'Trust Center'


Then select 'Trust Center Settings' and then 'OK'


Excel - Trust Center Settings - Enable Macros

In the Trust Center dialog, select 'Macro Settings'.

In the Macro Settings section, click on “Enable all macros (not recommended...)”

Also check the box beside “Trust access to the VBA project object model is checked”


Excel - Trust Center Settings - Enable Protected View

In the Trust Center dialog, select 'Protected View'. 

Depending on Security settings in your Windows environment, it is possible that the 'Protected View' options in Excel can cause issues with Forms and processes in Fluence.

Uncheck the setting 'Enable Protected View for the files originating from the Internet' if issues related to Protected View are encountered.

The second setting 'Enable Protected View for the files located in potentially unsafe locations' that can probably be kept Checked.


Excel - Trust Center Settings - Add-ins

In the Trust Center dialog, select 'Add-ins'.  Make sure 'Disable all Application Add-ins' is not checked.mceclip0.png

Excel - Trust Center Settings - Add-ins and Trusted Publisher

If during the install, an error is encountered (depicted below) that states: 'The solution cannot be installed because it is signed by a publisher whom you have not yet chosen to trust.' 


In the Trust Center dialog, select 'Add-ins'.  Make sure 'Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher' is not checked.


Excel - Trust Center Settings - ActiveX Settings

Click on 'ActiveX Settings' then select “Prompt me before enabling all controls with minimal restrictions”. Also check the box below “Safe mode (helps limit the control’s access to your computer”.


Trusted Sites

The Fluence Add-in requires that '*.fluence.app' be defined in the Trusted Sites list.

Not having the '*.fluence.app' domain defined in the Trusted Sites can cause the following errors;

  • 'Security Mismatched Zone' errors when attempting to install the Fluence Add-in.  Issues with running some Fluence processes could also be affected.
  • 'No View Model found for the workbook' error dialog when in a Fluence Form.
    • 'No View Model found for the workbook' can also be related to "Protected View" settings in Excel.

If you also use Vena, it is important to also have *.vena.io in your Trusted Sites list.

Checking Trusted Sites

To view Trusted Sites settings, select 'Internet Options' from the Windows Control Panel or from the Windows Search bar, type 'Internet Options' 


Select the 'Security' Tab and then the 'Trusted Sites' icon


Add the URL 'https://*.fluence.app' to the zone and select 'Close' and then 'Apply' in the Internet Properties dialog.

The ability to modify Trusted Sites could be controlled by corporate IT policies.  If the 'Add' button remains grey when trying to add a Trusted Site, contact your corporate IT for assistance.

Checking Trusted Sites with Registry Editor

An alternate method to view what Trusted Site entries exist in Windows is to use the Registry Editor application in Windows.  This method is used to view the entries, modification should be done by IT or through the "Security" tab in "Internet Options"

From the Windows Start Menu, search for the application "Registry Editor" and run the application.  Registry Editor requires elevated rights in Windows, some corporate IT restrictions may not allow you to run the application.

Navigate to the folder structure 'Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains'

Entries that appear in the Trusted Sites list will appear in the list as shown below.


If the entry for fluence.app (and if applicable vena.io)  do not appear, contact your IT department.

Fluence Add-in Install Errors

Microsoft Click-Once Cache Clearing

The Fluence Add-in install uses Microsoft's Click-Once deployment mechanism built into .Net.

If the Click-Once cache is corrupted in Windows, it may be necessary to clear the Click-Once cache.  This requires access to the Registry and should be performed with the assistance of IT.


To clear the Click Once cache is to do the following

1. Under the main Click-Once folder structure


Delete any folders or files that begin with the letters 'flue'

Other Click-Once installs share this directory structure, deleting other files and folders may require reinstalling any affected applications.


Example, under the following directory


- flue...dll_29c72e9e2bdfb7b4_0016.0006_none_ed19d757eaa66620

- flue..vsto_29c72e9e2bdfb7b4_0016.0006_c0be9ae54d368299

 Remove those directories and any other directories or files that start with flue

 2. In the registry, Click Once entries are placed in 


Remove any keys or entries that start with the letters 'flue'

Example computer, these 4 entries exist





 3. Delete all registry keys starting with flue under this section of the registry.

 4. Retry the ClickOnce VSTO install .

If problems still persist with the Click-Once install, contact Fluence Support.



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