Fluence Release and Update Glossary


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Fluence Release and Update Glossary

Fluence software Releases and Updates contain features and improvements.

This page describes the different types of releases and versioning nomenclature.


Major Release

A Major Release is a release that contains substantial changes made to Fluence. It includes new features, improvements, major changes and bug fixes.

Major releases are provided 4 times per year and may vary.  Notification can be expected approximately 2weeks in advance.


Update Release

Updates address issues and smaller changes. An Update Release is a cumulative package generated over a previous Major Release and is created based on customer requests and roadmap initiatives.

Updates are incremental and include the improvements in previous patches. These improvements may include bug fixes and occasionally new features that are smaller in nature.

Updates are provided approximately 2 or 3 times between Major Releases.  Notification of an Update can be expected approximately 1 to 2 weeks in advance.


Hotfix Release

A Hotfix Release may be created to address a critical issue that cannot wait for a scheduled Update or Major Release.   Hotfixes are typically released to address data integrity issues, production down scenarios, or issues that prevent operation of critical areas of the software where there is no reasonable workaround.  It is possible for a Hotfix Release to be customer specific.  Issues addressed in a Hotfix are applied to the next Update or Major Release.  Notifications are typically 3 to 5 days in advance, whenever possible.


Fluence Version Nomenclature

Fluence uses the following versioning nomenclature YYMM.R where YYMM represents the year and month of the release, and R represent the release number.


For example, 2305.3 indicates the third hotfix for the 2023 May release.



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